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Are You A New Train Hobbyist?

Are You Interested In Becoming a Train Hobbyist? 

Some fortunate model railroading enthusiasts begin their journey by simply acquiring a train set from a family member or from a garage sale. In these cases, some decisions have been made for you. For the rest us that start from scratch, there are many factors to consider prior to making that first purchase.


Questions to ask yourself:

1. How do you want to display your trains?
2. Will it be a tabletop or shelf display or will it be a wall-to-wall display?
3. What scale will work the best to achieve your goals while fitting in the space you have allotted for your layout?
4. What scale do you prefer? -You'll want to do your research regarding scale. Consider your long-term goals for your layout.
5. Do you have a particular theme in mind for your model trains?
6. Will it be a period layout with a western flair or a modern setting with a city scape?



 It would be ideal to have an unlimited space to display our model railroading passion, but unfortunately, most of us do not have that luxury. We are confined to the space we have available.

 Once you determine that space, you need to consider how the layout will be enjoyed. Is it just for your own enjoyment or will you have multiple viewers as your creation comes to life? Do you plan to expand the display as time (and money) allows or are you building this to enjoy for a while and then selling it to another enthusiast?



 Scale refers to the ratio of the model to the actual train or "prototype." There are many different scales to choose from when building your collection and the only rule is that there are many exceptions to the rules. Gauge is the distance between the two rails on the railroad track, but once again there are several nuances that should be considered. You can find more detailed information on Scale and Gauge online.



 When planning your model railroading layout, you should consider what function you want your trains to perform. Where are they coming from and going? Are they hauling people or cargo? What is the setting through which they travel; rural or urban? What time frame would you like your railroad to depict? All of these factors will help you focus on particular scenery, buildings and trains.

 Whatever decisions you make regarding your new hobby, make sure they are well-informed. The more research you do, the more enjoyable and relaxing your adventure will be. Welcome to the world's greatest hobby!

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