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Model Railroads Make the Perfect Christmas Gift

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With Christmas quickly approaching, children everywhere will be sitting down to write their wish lists. Due to the rise in modern technology, most Christmas wish lists include some sort of electronic gadget. However, because of popular trains like Thomas the Tank Engine and movies such as The Polar Express, there is a renewed interest in model railroads. The longstanding tradition of assembling a train set has many benefits for children, making it a perfect Christmas gift. Here are a few reasons why train sets are so great!

The Polar Express
Photo from The Polar Express on IMDb

Problem Solving Skills Are Taught.

When your child plays with a toy train set, he or she has to troubleshoot the various ways to put the track together so it runs without obstacles. They also have to teach themselves how to organize the trains in a way that will increase the train's ability to run smoothly. It will take time for your child to learn this, but the lessons learned will last a lifetime.

Boosts Creativity and Imagination.

Your child's imagination is his or her only limitation when it comes to assembling a train set. There are various, original ways to set up the track and arrange accessories. They can create stories in their head and think of different scenarios for each of the trains. They can even bring in other toys of their own to join in on the fun!

Reinforces Fine Motor Skills and Dexterity.

Building a town or train station using small objects that often come with a train set reinforces your child's fine motor skills. Reinforcing this basic skill is so important because overtime it will help your child get dressed, draw, write, cut, and so forth.

This Christmas, opt for a toy train set as a gift for your child. This will not only give them a lifetime of lessons learned, but it will keep the time-honored tradition of trains at Christmas time alive.

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